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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is necessary for the business information system?

Besides the equipment for business information system installation, it is necessary to have both corresponding hardware and software. If your decision is PoIS, you may choose among several hardware and software solutions., i.e. for operation system and database.

We have neither hardware nor software. Can you get them and complete installation?

Yes, we can. This is probably the best variant, for we are responsible for full system installation. In cooperation with our partner, the firm DIGIT, we are going to select the corresponding hardware, place the available database, and prepare the system for the most optimum work.

Is it, for software, necessary to buy only PoIS?

Other than PoIS, it is necessary to have the corresponding operation system (client and server), as well as the database. You can purchase the database through us.

We already have the computers. What should we do?

No problem. PoIS can run on PC, in Windows, on VMS, and under UNIX, thus it may probably be installed on the computers you already have. On the other hand, PoIS is under permanent development, and if you have hardware, i.e. operation system which is not supported, you may contact us, and we will tell you if we have planned the support for that hardware or the operation system.

We also have the database.

If the database is corresponding, i.e. our software may operate with your base, there are no problems. At the moment, PoIS supports databases as follows: ORACLE, SQL SERVER and INFORMIX. As well as hardware, PoIS is constantly under the development, we offer support for new databases, the fact you can check at this site, or directly contact us.

Do you organize PoIS presentations?

Yes, we do. If you want, we may come and enable you to realize possibilities and functions of PoIS. We can organize presentation at your premises.

Is it possible to buy only one or two modules?

Yes, it is. You purchase corresponding modules, it depends on the needs of your enterprise or company. Through mutual consultation, we will reach the most optimum solution, regarding the scope and structure of the business information system which may support your business operations. It is also possible that, if you already have the information system, to get some of PoIS modules, without the need to change your present system. In such a situation, we will install PoIS to your present system.

What shall we do in case we need other modules?

As PoIS has modular character, you can install other modules to support operations at your firm.

It seems that PoIS installation is a complex task. Who performs the installation?

PoIS installation is made by our team, so, from the very start, you will get the most optimum system operation. The installation is usually completed in one day.

Our staff has no experience in work with computers.

PoIS has the concept which reminds to standard, regular way of work. Menus and windows on the monitor are practically the same as well the sheets through which the processing is performed. It means that you need the minimum time to get knowledge for working with the software, and the consumer is expected to know the basic rules in work with computers. Anyhow, after the completed installation, we organize the training, thus the consumer will be ready to work with computer.

PoIS presentation

If You are interested in our business solution, we could arrange a presentation during which we will show You the opportunities and benefits that PoIS provides. The presentation is free of charge and could be held at Your or our office. Feel free to contact us.